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This Week at Ace’s – February 13-17, 2019 – The Music, The Artists & More

This Week at Ace’s – February 13-17, 2019 – The Music, The Artists & More

Ace Gillett’s Musical Happenings – Week of 2.13.19

Greetings, Jazz Fans! Ace Gillett’s Music Director John Olson here to let you know what we have cued up for this week:

Jenna McLean Tom Amend

Jenna McLean & Tom Amend

  • Wednesday, 2/13 – 7:30 to 11:00
  • Jenna McLean is back for her Wednesday vocal session, accompanied tonight by Tom Amend on piano. Her new album is set for release on 2/21, and I can’t wait to hear it! You don’t need a reservation to get a head start on celebrating with your Valentine for a perfect Wednesday “Date Night” option!

Valentine’s Day with Gabriel Mervine

  • Thursday, 2/14 – 6:00 to 10:00 pm
  • The Subterraneans are starting at an earlier time with a special lineup to celebrate Valentines Day. Gabriel Mervine, Eric Gunnison, Seth Lewis and myself will be exploring the romantic side of jazz standards for what is sure to be a memorable evening. Chef Dan has created a special menu for the most romantic, jazziest celebration in town.  Reservations for this special night are available, via the Ace Gillett’s website – don’t miss this one!
  • peter-sommer

Peter Sommer

  • Friday, 2/15– 8:00 to Midnight
  • The Subterraneans will be joined by tenor saxophonist Peter Sommer, Jeff Jenkins, Seth Lewis and myself. Peter joined us last Friday as a last-minute sub and I’m really looking forward to playing with this same quartet again. Maybe you didn’t have a chance to celebrate with your Valentine on Thursday? We expect the Romantic vibes for the week to continue throughout the entire weekend.
  • Ace Gillett's Lounge

Tom Amend Trio

  • Saturday, 2/16 – 8:00 to Midnight
  • The Tom Amend Trio will be our featured attraction for Saturday, accompanied by Seth Lewis and myself. Tom recently left his post as a founding member of “The Burroughs” to concentrate more fully on his jazz career. He’s a busy fixture on the Denver Jazz Scene and will be releasing a new Organ Trio record (featuring Jeff Hamilton and Steve Kovalcheck) in April.

Mark Sloniker

  • Sunday, 2/17 – 7:00 to 11:00 pm
  • This was supposed to be the first day of a month of renovations at Ace Gillett’s, but in jazz you need to have the ability to improvise and create at a moment’s notice. Renovations are on hold for the time being, so Mark Sloniker and Friends are back for their usual Sunday time Slot – no need to go into Sunday Jazz withdrawals yet!


As always, Thank You for supporting live jazz at Ace Gillett’s – I hope to see you there soon!

John Olson

Music Director

Ace Gillett’s Lounge