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In Memory of Betty Anne

Betty Anne The Armstrong Hotel


On April 11th, 2016, Betty Anne Martell-Husted passed away at the age of 95. Although many of our guests may not know her name, Miss Betty Anne was a principle in the conception of Ace Gillett’s Lounge, and was an extraordinary woman. She was an integral part of the development of Ace Gillett’s, and will be dearly missed.


Betty Anne was the daughter of Fort Collins industrialists Ace and Nelle Gillett. She was born in Fort Morgan, Colorado, just three years before The Armstrong Hotel was built. During her high school years, her father owned and operated a restaurant and a car dealership in Fort Morgan; they later moved to Fort Collins in the 1940’s after Mr. Gillett purchased The Northern Hotel and the restaurant it housed. The family prospered in Fort Collins and eventually purchased and operated both The Northern and The Armstrong Hotel for many years.


While working for her parents at The Northern Hotel, Betty Anne began an active college career, taking part in many social activities during her college years. She was a part of the Colorado College Drama Club, and a beloved member of her sorority house. After graduation she married, achieved her Masters degree in Sociology, traveled the world, and later settled with her children and family in Fort Collins. She was well-known in our community, an active volunteer, and a devoted CSU and CAM the Ram fan.


We are indebted to Betty Anne for allowing us to use her family name, and their legacy as a part of our jazz lounge. She was the first to speak with us about the concept back in 2010, and was not only pleased, but also kept us laughing with stories of their restaurant, guests of The Armstrong and Northern Hotel, and times gone by.


We’d like to thank Betty Anne’s family for their kindheartedness and devotion to our town, and we’d like to thank Betty Anne for sharing our history with us. She will be dearly missed.

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Tequila: from the Aztec word Tequillan, meaning “place of tribute.” Which is what this video is.

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CSU Featurette on Ace Gillett’s!

Tequila: from the Aztec word Tequillan, meaning “place of tribute.” Which is what this video is.

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Wow! It’s definitely been one great start to the year here at Ace Gillett’s! We’re working on some spectacular new things, stay tuned for more!

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This fall Ace Gillett’s proudly presents three special nights brimming with scrumptious food and exceptional beverages. Executive Chef Troy Heller and Barman Ray Harvey are teaming up to create a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss. Each tasting features a four course meal perfectly paired to a featured libation for the evening.

Join us for –
SAPPHIRE GIN . . . . . Sept 7, 2011
FUNKWERKS BEER . . . . . Oct 5, 2011
VINOCOPIA WINE . . . . . Nov 2, 2011

Tickets are limited and can be purchased at Ace Gillett’s for either individual events or the packaged series. (Tax and gratuity included.)

SAPPHIRE GIN . . . . $50
FUNKWERKS BEER . . . . $50
SERIES (Vinocopia, Funkwerks, & Sapphire) . . . $135

We’ll see you there!

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