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Ramen Warrior FoCo Pop Up At Ace’s: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Meet Ramen Warrior, the brainchild of Ace’s own Matt Wagner, serving up the best ramen in FoCo and putting on an exclusive pop-up at Ace’s on Wednesday, May 1!

What: Ramen Warrior Pop Up

Where: Ace Gillett’s

When: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cost: $25 per person

What’s Included: 1 Bao, 1 Bowl of Tonkotsu Ramen, 1 Mocci, 1 Draft Beer

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Matt & Noodles

Meet Matt

I’ve been a bartender for just over 10 years now. I’ve always been fairly introverted and artistic so I probably never would’ve gotten into bartending if it weren’t for one of my best friends and mentors getting a great opportunity to run a craft cocktail bar. The bar provides some sort of personal barrier like a safety blanket or pair of glasses. And the craft of making a cocktail is something a person can obsess over.It’s the cocktail world that got me working alongside some pretty amazing chefs and expanded my concept of flavor, balance, and self expression.

Most of my career and growth was done in L.A., but when it came time to raise a family and owning a home (classic, maybe even outdated American Dream) Fort Collins was put on my radar by a close friend. After arriving here I quickly saw where there was plenty of pho, there was almost zero ramen! 

Handmade Noodles
Cooked To Perfection

Insert Ramen Warrior

So, I took it up as I quickly came to realize it was just as much a craft to obsess over as cocktails. Also something I could possibly provide for the city, start my own business, and better provide for my family down the road. I have no formal training in then kitchen. It’s taken me about 2 years now to lock in a method that creates what I think of as the most soulful bowl of ramen: Tonkotsu. A rich, creamy broth made of pork and chicken that rolls at a boil from 18-20 hours.

Ramen Warrior

I hand make my noodles fresh. I am trying my best to utilize all local animal product in my bowls and am currently working with Friendly Nick’s Butcher on Drake and Lemay to get it. I am aiming to start my food truck this year and am still looking for angel investors to get me there. I do plan on expanding my menu down the road as well as ever changing specials. For now though I’m wholly focused on doing one thing as best I can. 

Join us for a night to remember at Ace’s! Check out Ramen Warrior on Facebook & Instagram

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