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Jam With The Band During Jam Sessions at Ace’s

Are you a jazz artist? Have you ever wanted to play at Ace’s? Now’s your chance!

Ace Gillett’s is pleased to announce OPEN JAM SESSIONS EVERY WEDNESDAY! This jazzy jam session is hosted by the Subterranean Jazz Trio. The Subterraneans will be here to accompany any artist looking to play. So jam with the trio, break out into solo, or pick up with another artist. However you want to get down is fine by us. Just bring what you need to jam and let’s hear it!

This event is open to all ages, with respect, and will run from 7PM-11PM. So come one, come all and show us what you can do!


♬ Please keep in mind we are a jazz club, this is a jazz jam session, and our musicians are held to a standard when it comes attire. We humbly request suits and ties for the gentlemen, please. As for the ladies, you’ve never let us down.

♬ If you don’t have proper attire and want to play, please send us a message, and we will see what we can do!