The Cocktail Sessions: The Flip, March 30th

The Cocktail Sessions: The Flip March 30, 2019   We can trace The Flip’s origins back to the late seventeenth-century England where beer, rum, and sugar were mixed and heated with a red-hot iron poker. The hot iron caused the liquid to froth or “flip” and the name has stuck ever since. Today, Flips can […]

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Jam With The Band During Jam Sessions at Ace’s

Are you a jazz artist? Have you ever wanted to play at Ace’s? Now’s your chance! Ace Gillett’s is pleased to announce OPEN JAM SESSIONS EVERY WEDNESDAY! This jazzy jam session is hosted by the Subterranean Jazz Trio. The Subterraneans will be here to accompany any artist looking to play. So jam with the trio, […]

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